Car Tinting

Making a booking for our car tinting service at Xclusive Auto Repairing can be done in just a few easy steps. All you’ve got to do is mention ‘Car Tinting’ and provide your details to get a free and instant quote.

Whether you’re looking for industry standard tinting, such as 3M car tinting, or you’re looking for an affordable alternative, we can do it all. Moreover, our tinting service, and the products included, strictly adheres to the rules and regulations outlined by the government.

Choose from a myriad of shades, tint levels, and brands based on your requirements. You can also consult one of our service advisors who will offer suggestions on what to opt for, based on your vehicle information.

A top-quality car window tinting service will be highly beneficial in protecting your car’s interiors from harmful UV rays. It will also make your driving experience a lot more comfortable.

What is included in our car tinting service?

After you book our tinting service with collection and delivery, your vehicle will be taken to one of our vetted and approved garages. Our tinting experts will get to work on your car by ensuring the environment is free of any contaminants and dust particles.

They will meticulously apply the tinting film on all the windows of the car, ensuring there are no air bubbles or dust particles trapped within. After the tint film has been correctly applied everywhere, your car will go for a quality check.

Once our in-house quality assurance advisor gives the go-ahead, your car will be delivered back to you, with a fresh tint job.

Is it worth tinting a car?

Tinting your window is absolutely vital, especially in this region. While most people think it’s a purely cosmetic addition, it actually offers multiple protective and secure solutions.

If you get a premium tinting service done, you get enhanced protection against sunlight and add to the strength of your windows. The tint film acts a separate layer on your window and protects it from minor trauma and damage.

Where to get car tinting near me?

Our tinting service comes with a pickup and delivery option. If you opt for it, all you have to do is making a booking from home, and we’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll bring your car to one of our approved garages, which is fully equipped with the best tools to carry out the tinting service.

Use the Xclusive Auto Repairing website to request for a car tinting quote to avail the best car tinting Dubai has to offer.

Major Services

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  • Oil Filter
  • Collection & Delivery
  • All Fluids Top-Up
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • Reset car service Light
  • Computer Diagnostics Report
  • AC Checkup
  • Brake Check
  • Car Wash
  • AC Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Air Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Spark Plugs Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • AC Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs


Starting From 249AED

How it Works

Our call centre operates from 8AM – 7PM, Saturday to Thursday. Call us at 04 348 5775.

Make a booking online.

We Collect
After making the booking, our driver will arrive at a time and location of your choice. We will inspect your car and check for any faults and concerns you may have. A collection report will then be generated and sent on sms & email.

If you have any concerns or enquiries, please contact customer support at 04 348 5775.

Please remove any valuable belongings as your car passes through multiple departments.

All our staff wear face masks, gloves, and take other necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We Service
Once the car arrives at the workshop, a service advisor is assigned and a full detailed report with images is generated again. The car is checked by the next available technician.

After checking, the health check report is sent by sms & email.

If needed, our parts advisors search for highest quality parts with the best prices in the market. A quotation is then generated and sent to you via sms & email to accept or reject. No work is carried out without your approval.

Once we receive your decision, the parts are ordered and your car repair or service is initiated.

We Deliver
Once the car service is complete, it goes for a quality check, and a road test. If it fails the quality check, it gets sent back to the workshop for further diagnosis.

After passing the road test, the car goes for cleaning. The insides get vacuumed and the outside gets shampooed, washed, and dried.

The car goes for another quality check after the cleaning. After it passes, an invoice will be generated and a link to make the online payment gets sent to you by SMS and email.

Once the invoice is paid, a driver is then assigned to deliver your car back to you. The driver will carry out a final inspection with you and generate a delivery report which will be sent to you on SMS and email.

Our Services


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A powerful and well-functioning car AC system is essential for any car.


Car Oil Change

Oil change service an essential part of any auto repairing process.


Car Transmission Repair

Our car transmission repair is a comprehensive car transmission service.


Car Battery Replacement

Get a replacement from the best car battery shop.


Car Scanning and Diagnostics

You can identify what problems the car has before you begin with servicing or repairs.


Car Engine Repair

Our car engine repair service will identify and repair any flaws.


Car Recovery

Our dedicated car recovery team will arrive in the best recovery vehicle.


Car Maintenance

While we carry out all the car maintenance work, you can unwind at home.


Car Sanitization

Getting a car sanitisation service at Xclusive Auto Repairing is easier than ever.


Wheel Alignment

The team of specialists will ensure that all the wheel angles are fixed.


Car Wash

We offer simple and convenient solutions to everyday automotive problems.


Car Detailing

We provide comprehensive services of car detailing service.


Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our highly trained technicians will carry out a vehicle inspection.


Car Tinting

Choose from a myriad of shades, tint levels based on your requirements.


Car Repair

Choose your next repair with us to get proper care for your vehicle.


Car Service

Our service booking system is designed to provide the best car service.


Flat Tyre

One of the most frustrating annoyances is having to deal with a flat tyre.


Flat Battery

Our process has been simplified to help you get quick service.


Car Windshield Replacement

A cracked windshield potentially makes accidents more dangerous.


Timing Belt Replacement

Our technicians can carry out the best timing belt replacement Dubai has to offer.

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